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THE WRITE CLASS™ is a brief online survey that gives you a chance to learn about the types of academic writing most often assigned and valued at Azusa Pacific University. This system will help you judge your own readiness for and comfort with college writing, and it will assist you in choosing the best writing course at APU for you.

THE WRITE CLASS™ does not allow for multiple attempts. Please take this process seriously and respond as accurately as possible. The survey will likely take between 20-30 minutes. Please be sure you have the time to answer all questions before beginning.

At the end of THE WRITE CLASS™, you will be given a program-generated recommendation for one of the following course options: Honors 101, Writing 1, or Writing 1 + Writing 1 Lab, and you will use that recommendation to help you decide which one is right for you.

If you believe you have already fulfilled the General Education first-year writing requirement through transfer coursework or Advanced Placement (AP) scores, you still need to complete this survey, and you will receive more detailed information about your course options at the end of this process.